The King of Kpop

120301 Twitter Update Junsu

이나른한 오후..어제 공연의 여파 때문인지…눈은떴는데 몸은 그대로 침대위에…2시간12분째…….

원래 낮에 누워있는거 별로 안 좋아하는데..오늘은 또 뭔가 좋네..커텐다친 어둠속에서 밖에서 나는 차소리.. 저곳에서 날 바라보고 내뿜는 가습기연기…시원한 이불 위에 올려놓은 다리…바쁜일상속에..나혼자 나른함

@yoonphantom 그러게요ㅠ그동안에도 멋진공연 쭈욱 보여주세요~^^

@AmadeRudolph : @JUNO_Japan : 형!!!이건 몰랐죠…ㅋㅋㅋ 제 맘대로 3형제…ㅋㅋㅋ
@JUNO_Japan : @AmadeRudolph : 효준아~잘잤어?ㅋㅋ 이사진 모짜르트 뮤지컬콘서트때네~!!너 진짜 많이컸다!!!(⌒▽⌒)“
@1215thexiahtic : @AmadeRudolph 하악~!

Trans :
The aftermath of two lazy afternoon concert is due…Yesterday…Snow lifted the body onto the bed as second…2 hours 12 minutes……

I do not usually like the original day you’re lying… something that’s good.. I also injured in the darkness outside the curtain, I hear the car… Humidifier emits smoke and there looking at me… Cool blanket and place it on the busy life in the leg…by myself… drowsiness

@1215thexiahtic : @yoonphantom Dead Showㅠ I know a great show in the meantime^^
@AmadeRudolph : @JUNO_Japan : Hyung!!! Did not know it…kekeke My 3Hyung Suit…kekeke
@JUNO_Japan : @AmadeRudolph : Hyo Jun-ah~Did you sleep well?keke Four when the Board of Directors Mozart Musical Concert~!!You really long way!!!(⌒▽⌒)“
@1215thexiahtic : @AmadeRudolph Ha ack~!


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