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120307 Junsu Twitter Update

GambarTrans : Arrived LA …… Once again …11 hours of flying waiting for you…….The hull …….. I’d be lying ….?


Trans : I really do not know whether this is going to trick or treat ….


Trans : At this time i was supposed to landed in Chile…but still in LA….AAhh what kind of cruel fate is this


Trans : According to LA time we landed here at 10am and were to leave for Chile at 2pm..But it was delayed for 4 hours..and then again for 7 hours..The reason is a mechanic defect…started boarding at 10 and with a large noise from the engine I thought we were leaving but then a sudden braking right before take off..


Trans : In that moment..there was a smell inside the plane..seems like something unusual with the propellers..when experiencing times like this, what should I do in this situation?


Trans : Drawn out for so long….been waiting at the airport for 12 hours..ate 3 meals at the airport.I thought we would finally leave the end it seems like today…I wonder where I’ll be going…


Trans : It started with a defect in the propellers from the beginning..that’s why we’ve been waiting like this for 8 hours or so..but more than that what’s really important is..just when we were about to leave…and the plane was running at full speed and it was about to take that exact moment a bird was sucked into the propellers…


Source : @1215thexiahtic‘s Twitter

Trans by :


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